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How To Create a Website In 5 Easy Steps

Creating a Website

In this article, I will show you how to create a website or blog in 5 easy steps. A blog is a great source of income and the possibilities are endless! Imagine having the freedom to do something you enjoy at your own pace! Well, it is possible!

What Is a Website Used For?

How to create a website

a Website or Blog is a platform where you can either promote your business or share your knowledge about a variety of subjects in the form of articles. One can also build a website that is an online shopping platform for you to sell your goods and services.

Create Your Website In 5 Easy Steps

  • Decide on a niche – a niche is a category or subject that you focus on and build your website around. Let’s use one of my fitness blogs as an example, Easy Recipes, as you could have guessed, the niche I went with was “Recipes” and now I have a platform based around that niche. From there I can share my knowledge with the rest of the world. There are thousands of niches you can choose from, give it some thought and decide what will work the best for you.
  • The next thing you have to do is to register a domain. If you are based in South-Africa I would suggest Afrihost if you are outside of South Africa, I strongly recommend Hostgator. A domain is your website’s web address ( What you want to do is try and include your niche or subject in the domain. Let’s say you want to write about animals, you would go for something like “”. Using the niche keyword in your domain gives you a massive advantage in SEO (search engine optimization). I will post an article on SEO optimization in the near future!

Have Fun Creating Your Website

  • Now that you have your own domain registered and online, I’ll advise you to create your website using WordPress. It is very intimidating when you log in the first time. Don’t worry! You will get used to the platform in no time and learn to love it over time! Platforms like WIX are not ideal for monetized sites, as you cannot access the themes code and a bunch of other important features. Don’t let the “coding” scare you. It is really simple, you will only need to copy and paste a few things here and there when you are done with your few first articles (in order to get monetization).

How to create a website

  • It is time to create your first post! Write an article with anything around 700-1000 words about your niche. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and that the quality of your article is good! This will play a massive role in the next point! Make sure you attach images to your article. Make it easy and fun for the reader so that they might share your content and return to your site.

Important For Creating a Website

Before you can continue to this fifth and final step, you will need at least 8-15 good quality articles on your website. Being approved by Google Adsense is not as easy as one would think. They scrutinize your website, checking the quality and originality of your work. They do this to ensure their advertisers that their ads are being placed on quality websites that get a lot of traffic.

How do I make money with a website?

How to create a website

There are two ways of earning money on your website or blog.

  • Google Adsense – as I mentioned, you will have a few posts published and have some traffic coming to your website. Then you can apply for Adsense.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Another great way of maximizing your online income. With this method, you can start making money immediately. See How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

On that point, traffic is also very important. And it’s not as difficult as one would think. You can start by sharing your blog with your friends and family on social networks, making sure you get a fair amount of traffic coming to your website on a daily basis. Continue with this method for about a month, share your latest articles with as many people as you possibly can before applying for Adsense. See my article on “How To Get Your Adsense Approved“.

I will be posting articles soon on how to optimize your Blog for both SEO and social traffic gain soon, to give you a more in-depth idea of how to get started with getting traffic via social media.

If you have any suggestions for an article you would like to see, feel free to contact me!


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