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Make Money Selling Products Online

Making Money By Selling Products Online

In this article, I will show you how to Make Money Selling Products Online. Selling products online can be hard and there is a lot of competition with massive companies like and BidorBuy. The key is not to try and create competition for them, but rather work alongside them and use them if it benefits you.

The method I have tried and have been successful in is buying products locally here in South Africa and listing them on international sites, which I will mention in the article.

What you should do is research which products you can get at a reasonable price in South Africa and see what the international demand is. Let’s say you know you can get African crafts in your local community for next to nothing, the international market might be willing to pay up to 50x times the price you paid for it, which brings me to my first option.

My favorite by far. I made a lot of profit using this platform!

Unlike most mainstream online stores, Etsy is very specific on what they sell. They only sell handcrafted items or homemade products. So African art would be ideal to sell on there.

So if you have a hobby or enjoy making handcrafted items, no matter what it is, search Etsy and see what they go for and see if it will be worth your while listing your content on their website.

The method I used was to purchase African crafts from my local community, and reselling it on Etsy.

Give your artist exposure and credit! Etsy loves promoting stores that are helping their local communities. Share pictures of the artist whether it be yourself or somebody else.


How Do You Get Paid?

They do have a few payout options, but your best payment method will be PayPal. See How To Withdraw PayPal Funds In South Africa

As I mentioned, instead of trying to be competitive with the major online stores, use them to your advantage. Now there are different ways of making money through

  • Sell electronics – if you have a supplier or know of a place where you can get electronics from for a reasonable price and still make a profit when selling it, register as a seller and start selling!
  • Niche products – Do your research on what niches are popular! For example; baby products, clothes, and accessories are always in high demand!
  • Affiliate Marketing – Contact and find out how their affiliate structure works. You can create a blog around products that exist on and make commissions per sale your leads generate. See How Does Affiliate Marketing Work


The above-mentioned methods also apply here. The difference being that on BidorBuy you can let clients bid on your products which can be a great thing!



I hope you found this article to be of some value and that it can help you achieve your dream of financial freedom. I will be testing new online selling opportunities and updating this article regularly.

Be sure to contact me if you have any suggestions or questions!